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I know, I know, I KNOW. I haven't updated in forever. So here's a beauty of a clip that you MUST see.


fucking job

I know that I haven't updated in a while - before the Obama event, actually - and that's cause i'm running around with my head cut off, basically.

... but here's the axe right now.

Sunday, I woke up and my eye was crusted shut. I got it open to find it all red and nasty. I assumed Pink Eye. I called into work - just to be safe - and called my dad. He suggested allergy eye drops before going to the doctor.

Well, now it's not too bad, just got a bit of a pink tint. So I got up at 7 for work at 7:30 and went in. However, being responsible, I asked my boss. I said "Hey, my eye is still a little pink, so I don't know if you want me working." His response?

"Where's your doctors note? You need a doctors note to prove it's pink eye. Pink eye can be contagious for weeks, so if it is pink eye, you can't work until your anti-biotic drops regiment is finished. If it isn't pink eye - and you need a doctors note to prove that - then you can work. However, the shifts you've missed won't be covered."

... So basically, I have to go to the doctors. Then, if it's pink eye, I'm out of a job for 2 weeks. If it isn't pink eye, that's 2 no-call no-shows (essentially) and I'll probably get fired.

I dont' think I need to end this with a remark about how upset I am. I hope that's clear. But just in case...


Oct. 3rd, 2008


GOVOTE. I'm in it, but I don't think I should say which one I wrote. Just to be fair. :D

Post about OBAMA later.

POLITICS -wha?!-



Like, how many chances does one get to see a presidential candidate?! And my prof is letting us miss class for it!!!!!


I'd even go if it was McCain - well, only if he brought Palin along. I wouldn't be able to stop laughing my ass off though, not going to lie.


Whoops, I haven't posted in almost a week. Basically because I've been running around crazily. I suppose I'll focus on the weekend, considering the week was really just a bunch of classes.

Work fro 7-11 in the Dish room. I accidentally overflowed a tank of water, and when i went to drain some out, the tanks wheel went into the drain, the tank tipped, and water started pouring out like the dish room was the damn Titanic. Safe to say, there was water EVERYWHERE, but at least it's the dish room so my boss just laughed at me and helped me squeegee it into the drain. Then, when we started getting dishes, we turned on the disposal and some genius the night before had just decided to stick all the silver into the damn thing. So we pulled out a spoon, a couple forks (all destroyed, obviously), some random metal clips, and a plastic clip. I don't know who did it, but I thought I was going to lose an eye in the process of cleaning it out.
Came back home, did some homework, Maggie and I went to the gym, I blasted my body (go me!), signed a petition to keep our welcome week and NOT have finals on Saturday, then later (after some more homework) I had a date with Austin. Sushi. It was gross. Not eating that stuff again any time soon. Then I did some more--
Oh, you want to know how the date went? *sigh* Well, I guess I can indulge. We ate our sushi, watched the Prestige, and when we were done he had about twenty minutes before he had to leave for the bus, so we decided to talk. And when I say "we" I mean he badgered me until I just couldn't put it off any more. Which was... sort of a good thing. I still don't know how I feel about his responses, but... I'm not sure. Basically, we both want to be together, but I don't want to be in a relationship with him if it's going to end at the end of the year. Yes, I know I'm being ridiculous and thinking too far ahead, but when I graduate... What if I wind up in North Carolina. Or California. Or, hell, Germany! I don't know where I'll be going... especially if I get into the Teach for America program. If he doesn't want to do long distance, I told him, he had to tell me now. And he basically said "I don't know. If you're halfway across the world..." So I feel like I'm not important enough to even try... I know that's not it, I'm just lost as to why he wouldn't want to try... regardless...
Anyway, homework and bed. I missed out on a party because on...

Work. Again. Wonderful. 10:30-2:30. This one went smoother, ya know, aside from FUCKING ANNOYING GUY who just doesn't seem to get the hint that he's an IDIOT. I don't work with him, his shift ends at 11, but you'd be amazed the obnoxiousness he can wrap up into that thirty minutes. First thing he does, is comes and stands between me and this other guy that I'm speaking to. And when I say stands between, I mean he hovers over me, like two inches away. (He's six foot tall, about, so he's good at hovering over). Then he said something about my glasses and fucking took them off of my face. I was like "excuse me?" and asked for them back, trying to be an adult, but he started walking around the caf with them. Now, I am BLIND without my glasses, so I couldn't see anything except shapes. So he comes back in like three minutes later, and is like "woah. you are blind" which made me realize my damn glasses were on his fucking face. I still can't see, and I hear someone calling me, and he's like "are you deaf without your glasses to?" and i was lik e"No, but i have no clue where to look." Luckily it was my boss, and she came up and was like "amber?" and I'm like "yeah, I can't see you. don't have my glasses" and gestured towards him and she was like " Give her back her glasses!" all mean-like. I was like BOOHYAHBITCH! and took them back. Go me. But yeah. Mega-pissed.
What else was this day? After work, I came back, watched a bit of the ending of our game GOSTATE and then Megan came over and we... *cough* did homework. Yeah. Honestly. Okay, so mainly we talked and blabbered on about Harry Potter. And took this amazing quiz you can find here. It was absolutely amazingness. I think I got up to 56. One day I'll get to 516 (it lookslike that's all the questions). Then we went to see Get Smart and Wanted at Wells Hall. Both were amazingness. Staci is pleased. Came back, did the quiz more, and at 1:30 she left and I went to bed.

Work from 8-3 at Bliss. A whole number of annoyances there. Girl came in and made about 12 trays of cookies (one tray holds about 3 dozen) so that we had NOTHING to do for my entire shift. Cleaning the soft serve machine took 3 damn hours. there were no cones in the entire stock room, so yeah... serving ice cream was enjoyable. "Sorry, no cones" "Sorry, no cones" "SORRY NO CONES!@!!!!' Yeah, that was fun. But i got a break this week, so that was cool. After work I did some more homework, ran some errands, and had a meeting where I was NOT in the mood to lead. But the other "leader" (aka the one who butts heads with me all the time) wasn't there, so everyone kinda expected me to have something to do, even though I wasn't the one that wanted the damn meeting. Ah well. I got this amazing coffee that was like BAM I'M AWESOME. and got me unsleepy. But then I was up all night writing a paper - which I think I did a good job on :) Aside from maybe using too much text in my initial analysis. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see.

But now it's Monday and yeah. Mondays blow, basically.


Well, today started off all right - no class until 3, GREAT! right? wrong -_-

I hung out with Megan, fun as always, watched Supernatural, didn't get any homework done, cleaned my room, and got to talk to Brittany!!!!! YAY!

And then things turned shitty. Severus Snape, via Megan, gave me 10 points (to MSU) for cleaning my half of the room. So she wrote on the board "10 points to MSU for 1/2 a clean room," and we went to our respective classes. Or maybe that was at lunch time. I don't really remember.

Anyway, I went to class. Poetry. listened in class, thinking I was doing all right on what I had written in my paper until... FAIL. FAIL. AND SOME MORE FAIL.

Like, seriously, everything she said for the last half of the class were mistakes I had done. THREE points she made were adressed to me (although, one I did quite inadvertantly). And ya know? THIS is why I hate creative writing classes. Who is she to tell me what a poem means? GR.

Anyway, I got my paper back, saw 800 red marks *(no, srysly. SO much red. I'd scan the paper cover in if my printer were working *sniff*) and just shoved it in my bag with a "reassuring" comment of "You didn't do as bad as you thought." (referring to how I had gone up to her after class and begged for an easy grading since I was so beyond lost when i wrote it.)

So I left class and got back to the room to find Maggie cleaning. I was like "Dude, sweet, we both cleaned today!" but didn't say it outloud. I asked her, however, if she saw the comment on the door - and I explained the good-natured fun that had been behind it. She didn't seem too convinced, thinking it was a passive-aggressive attack on her side of the room (Which it totally wasn't). And then apparently Brandon told her I was mega-pissed about the lemonade she spilled on friday (which I totally wasn't) and I had to explain to her that I wasn't mad it didn't get picked up (Dude, I realize she's busy as fuck. it happens) but that I was just hoping we didn't get ants or something. Cause that would suck. Big time.

So I went to work, not sure if she was pissed off at me or not. 4 hour shift making sandwiches took FOREVER. and when I was done... CHAD AND JUSTIN SIGHTING. lol. I ate dinner with them and their quasi relationship was not brought up. So... I still don't know. But it was like seeing the Lochness Monster O_O lol. I harrassed Justin for my game boy some more, we talked about Austin and I, and.... parted ways. haha.

Came back to an empty room and I've spent the past three hours doing... nothing. I honestly don't know... oh, I was writing. Nevermind. Haha. But yeah. I have to get some homework done. Cause like... I have to have shit done. For tomorrow. Shit that is not done as of 12am. Beautiful.

I dunno. My day got crappy. Maybe it's just hormones.
Oh, and the boys laughed at the idea of me being pregnant. Apparently I make a laughable mother. How nice, right? Grrrrr.



Wooh! I got a REAL Diary.


Maybe I should start a new journal now that I have a real diary to go with it. that would work. We shall see :D I'll let ya'll know if I switch it up a bit.




plus, they're all about how she's so in love with Zach. FUCKING MORON that kid is. He's absolutely disgusting, treats her like shit, she treats him like shit, and yet they're still effing together. It's like... GOD. I don't even know.

If she marries him, I'm not going to the wedding.

no class!

So I just looked through my planner and... No WRA class! Yay! (even though I'm starting to enjoy it, now that I can do things on my own. Not to worry, I'll be back to being frustrated as all hell in a few days, I'm sure) So, because I don't have class, I decided I'd take the time updating this - plus, it's better than reading Romeo and Juilet AGAIN or working on German homework.

All righty. Classes = good, aside from loads of all-nighters. I'm not about to go into all of that. I'll just focus on social things, I suppose. Starting with... this weekend!

I honestly think that Austin and I are doing... 800 times better. Something happened, and well... It helped. A lot. Which is good, considering we both agreed it was probably a terrible idea at the time, but went through with it anyway.
Yes, I realize I'm making it quite obvious what happened. Oh well. It was needed, I guess.

So basically, I've managed to go back to thinking of him as the boyfriend, rather than the friend who I have feelings for but who annoys the FUCK out of me otherwise. ...that's a good thing. Plus, he doesn't annoy me much lately (and by lately, I mean this weekend) if only because I've gotten less grouchy about the silly things he does. Sometimes, I just have to remind myself to stop being such an uptight bitch, you know?

note: I just changed my picture to the Edward/Bella one. You know I'm feeling happy mushy disgustingly cute lovey-dovey too good when I put Edward on my LJ on purpose.

Let's see... what else to talk about... I made cookies for the boys. about 60 of them. They're probably gone, too, less than 24 hours later. They were fairly nummy, even though I only used the refrigerated dough. Next time that I have more time and more money maybe I'll make them from scratch. Plus, I need to get my mothers AMAZING recepies.

Speaking of her, I might be heading home for a weekend coming up. I miss my puppy :( Plus, I need some quality homework time. I suppose I'll call her now and leave a message, asking if it would be a possibility.

note: someone texted me and it rejected the message because my phone inbox was full (and since the phone is ghetto age, it doesn't automatically delete) So... if that was one of you guys - Sorry!

Hmmmm... other stuff to talk about. Living with le Magpie is good. Better than rooming blind turned out last year, that's for sure. Although, I am starting to fully understand why they don't suggest living with someone you're friends with. It's definitely a lot harder to deal with when they do something that does frustrate you. 1. You don't wanna say anything - they're your friend. 2. You don't understand why they're doing it - they should know you well enough to not do it. 3. You get annoyed with habits that otherwise you wouldn't mind, because they're ALWAYS happening. We haven't had many (if any) problems though, so that's good :)

I'm running out of things to say and my tummy is getting rumbly. Unfortunately, it's the busiest time at my caf and I really don't want to deal with it. Maybe I'll wait another hour or so...

...[insert more stuff]
Yeah, I'm out of stuff to talk about.

<3 Amber

P.S. BritBrat, when do your classes start?
P.P.S I might be making a new journal. Because I'm a journal a-holic. Yeah.


I just google mapped Strathclide and your apartment.



*grumble pout*

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